Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

FeedYourFrenzy is a rewards site unlike any other where members enter daily and monthly prize draws of their choosing using points they earn through referring friends, completing offers like surveys and free trials, posting to our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, completing real-world missions, and more.

As the Frenzy builds, so do the prizes - the more entries you use, the more friends you get to enter - the prize values continue to grow. What starts as a $100 Amazon gift card might end as a Lexus SUV!

Each point you accrue in your FeedYourFrenzy account is redeemable for one entry in any of our daily or monthly prize drawings. Drawings are totally random and the level of the prizes are determined entirely by the number of entries. Want to help push the prize value higher? Refer your friends and encourage them to enter! Earn more points and redeem them for entries to improve your chance of winning each draw you participate in - each point your redeem for an entry gives you one more chance to win!

In addition to our great daily and monthly prize draws, members earn frequent automatic Amazon gift cards for participating in FeedYour Frenzy. When your account reaches 2000 points, you will automatically receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate! Have you reached 7500 points? Another $50 Amazon gift card will be yours! And hitting 10000 points in your account will earn you a $100 Amazon gift certificate, nothing could be easier!

Winners are notified via email and are announced on our Facebook page and Twitter channel. We partner with, the most trusted name in random prize draws, to guarantee that our drawings are 100% fair and truly random.

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  • How do I enter the daily draw?

    To enter the daily draw, click on the "Enter Now to Win" image of the daily draw on either the main page or from within your account page. You will then be asked how many entries you'd like to submit. Each entry equals one chance to win. So, if you use 100 points, you will have 100 entries in the drawing. If there are 1000 total entries, you then would have a 10% chance of winning. The more entries you submit, the better your chances!

  • How do I enter the monthly draw?

    The monthly draw entry process is the same as above, with the only difference being that to enter, you will click on the image of the monthly draw rather than the daily draw.

  • How do I earn points to use toward the draws?

    You earn points in a number of ways, including creating your FeedYourFrenzy account, following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook, referring friends who then become members, encouraging them to follow and like us, and by completing offers including surveys, free product trials, watching videos and more.

  • Is there a limit to how many entries I can use per drawing?

    No. You can use as many or as few points as you'd like from your account for any draw you'd like to enter.

  • Are the draws fair/random?

    Absolutely! We have partnered with, the most trusted name in random draws, to guarantee that our prize drawings are 100% fair and random.

  • Can I enter draws if I am not in the US?

    Currently, no. FeedYourFrenzy is available only to US residents at this time, although we will be expanding to international markets in the near future.

  • How old do I have to be to enter the draws?

    FeedYourFrenzy members must be at least 13 years of age to participate.

  • How do I get my free Amazon gift cards?

    Getting your free Amazon gift cards couldn't be easier! Just earn 2000 points and a $10 Amazon gift card will be on its way to you automatically! Have you earned 7500 points? If so, a $50 Amazon gift card will be yours along with a $100 gift when your account has earned 10000 points!

  • How do I refer friends?

    Referring friends is easy and is one of the best ways to earn points to redeem toward our daily and monthly draws! In your Account screen, you'll see a box in the upper right that allows you to enter your friends' email addresses. For each friend you refer who creates an account, you'll get another 10 points! And for each friend who ends up liking us, another 5 points. And yet another 5 points in your account for each referral that follows us on Twitter!

  • Can I have more than one account?

    No. Each member may have only one FeedYourFrenzy account and may complete each offer only once.

  • Can my family members also have accounts?

    Yes! We allow multiple signups per household, as long as each member has their own unique email address.

  • If I win a prize drawing, can I elect to receive a cash value instead of the prize?

    Yes, you may elect to receive a pre-paid Visa card instead of a prize if you prefer, EXCEPT when the prize is an Amazon gift card. Gift cards can not be exchanged. When each prize is announced, the pre-paid Visa card option will also be listed. Simply respond to the notification and let us know you prefer to receive the pre-paid Visa card in lieu of your prize.

  • Can I enter more than one drawing?

    Definitely! Each point in your account can be redeemed for one entry in any of our draws. Do you have 100 points and want to enter each of our next 100 daily prize draws? No problem! Just log into your account each day before the draw window closes and submit your entry. Want to submit 50 points for this month's prize draw and 10 points for each of the next five daily draws? Easy! Just follow the instructions for each and you'll be all set!