About Us

FeedYourFrenzy is a rewards site unlike any other. Here, members can enter their choice of daily and monthly prize draws using points earned through referring friends; completing offers like surveys and free trials; posting to our Facebook page; following us on Twitter; completing real-world missions; and more.

As the Frenzy builds, so do the prizes - as you use more entries and as more members join in, the prize values grow. What starts as a $100 Amazon gift card might end as a Lexus SUV!

Each point you accrue in your FeedYourFrenzy account is redeemable for one entry in any of our daily or monthly prize drawings. Drawings are totally random and the level of the prizes are determined entirely by the number of entries. Want to help push the prize value higher? Refer your friends and encourage them to enter. It is literally, "the more the merrier". Plus, when you refer friends, you earn more points that you can redeem for entries, which then improves your chance of winning. Each point you earn represents one more chance to win!

In addition to our great daily and monthly prize draws, members earn frequent automatic Amazon gift cards for participating in FeedYour Frenzy. When your account reaches 2000 points, you will automatically receive a $10 Amazon gift card. At 7500 points we will give you an additional $50 Amazon gift card! And hitting 10,000 points in your account will earn you a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Nothing could be easier!

Winners are notified via email and are announced on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We partner with Random.org, the most trusted name in random prize draws, to guarantee that our drawings are 100% fair and truly random.

Still have questions? Feed free to contact us.

What are you waiting for? Feed the Frenzy today and start winning!